chihuahua dog breed origins

The Super Cute Chihuahua Dog Breed

Chihuahua dog breed is the smallest dog in the world. Its petite body shape makes Chihuahua is favored by the animal lovers. Even though the dog’s weight is less than six pounds, Chihuahua has the powerful endurance than bigger dog. It comes from the Chihuahua, Mexico. This breed has a lot of color and famous with standup-ears all of the time. These puppies are very small and have very thin […]

turkish angora cat price

The Lovable Turkish Angora Cat

Why did you choose turkish angora cat? It may be because this cat is very cute and has a very soft fur. As we know, angora cats have a very good response and the high level of intelligence than other cat races. They also included into the category of cats that have high loyalty and devotion to human. The most interesting thing of the appearance of these cats is their […]

himalayan cat rescue

Having the Himalayan cat

Choosing the Himalayan cat for your lovely pet is the appropriate choice for getting the beautiful and funny cat. Himalayan is created by the Siamese and the Persian can which is breeding for getting the offspring in the desired characteristics were achieved. Even they come from the two combinations of the best cats; they are created in the different breeds. The Persian has the small ear, a snub nose, and […]

chartreux cat size

Adopting the beautiful chartreux cat

Adopting the beautiful chartreux cat needs some considerations to do. The chartreux is the silent cat, which sometime making a sound. The chartreux is smart and creative to get into the cabinets and out of the windows for exploring the outdoor. Theylove climb and able to perform the acrobatic feats and interest to the mice in the attractive and aggressive one. Having the chartreux is easy maintenance. You can brush […]

tonkinese cat pictures

Let’s be Friend with Tonkinese Cat

It is really interesting if we have a pet in a house, it can be a friend when we feel lonely. One of the most favorable pet is cat. There are lots of types of cat in the world that commonly keep in house. If you are looking for cute cat but also muscular, Tonkinese cat is the right choice. This cat has short coat fur, medium size and has […]