burmese cat price

Burmese Cat That Looks Cute and Fun

Burmese cat always looks cute and fine. If you want to have a pet which has a splendid and beautiful appearance, the Burmese one is good to choose. It is a perfect cat for family.  There are only few complains about this cat at home. It is healthy, affectionate and playful. The breed comes from Eastern Asia. In 1930, it was taken to United States. You can choose the British […]

french bulldog puppies cost

Tips To Choose French Bulldog Puppies

When you want to choose the French bulldog puppies on the stores, you have to know the nature, characteristics and treatment for this cute animal. The small bulldog breed actually was originated from England. But it is called as Frenchies or French bulldog after it was introduced in French by the workers of Nottingham during the industrial revolution. This breed is very interesting because it is a mixture with Terrier […]

russian blue kitten blue eyes

About Russian Blue Kitten

Russian blue kitten is a perfect breed to choose if you want to amaze people with unique kitten. This silvery blue color is the most notable characteristic in the kitten. The people also turn their head when they see the sparkling green eyes of the Russian blue. This breed is short-haired. Therefore, you do not have to do much grooming every day. It is a perfect pet for everyone since […]

syrian hamster temperature

Unique Natures and Characters of Syrian hamster

One of the cutest pets to have is Syrian hamster. This animal is very popular among kids. If you want to give a great present for the kids, you can have the hamster located in the box gift. You can find the hairy and hairless types of hamsters. Based on the name, the hamster comes from Syria. It is very unique because it will spend a couple of months for […]

havanese dog facts

Havanese Dog as a Favorite Pet

Havanese dog is one of the sought after dogs in America. People love to have it because of the good personality and temperament. It is always used as a family pet. The people, who live alone, use it as a companion. However, the cost of the dog is not cheap. You have to spend at least $1000 to get this breed.  It is so exclusive because the breed is hard […]