colorado state bird facts

Colorado State Bird, The Lark Bunting

There are so many variants and species of birds in the universe. Some have big body and the other have small body. One of the example of birds that has big size of body is eagle. eagle considered a big birds. For the small one, I will pick the Lark Bunting. It is Colorado State bird that officially adopted on April 29, 1931. This little bird has scientific name Calamospiza melanocorys. […]

beautiful blue birds

Tips For Your Blue Birds

One of the reason why people choose birds as their pet is because it not consume much place and to take care birds is not too hard. Birds mostly has small size than other pet like dogs or cats. Having cute little birds is a good thing. One of the cute little birds that can be your pet is the blue birds. The blue bird can be categorized in species Sialia […]

cute american goldfinch

Cute Little American Goldfinch

With the tiny body and cute yellow color, American Goldfinch is a really interesting bird to keep as a pet. Not to mention it can make a beautiful sound through it sing. American goldfinch is a bird that spread around United States and Canada. American Goldfinch is native bird to North America. You can found this cute bird in open or wooded lowlands and this bird usually make their nest in tall […]

scarlet macaw behavior

How Good Is Scarlet Macaw As Pet?

All people has own preference when choosing animal for their pet. If you are birds lovers and wanted to have a bird as your pet, scarlet macaw is one of the candidate that you must consider. Scarlet macaw that has scientific name Ara Macao is one of the largest of the Macaw species. Actually this scarlet macaw is pretty popular as a pet and people like to keep it as a pet […]

siberian cat training

Things to Know About Siberian Cat

Siberian cat is one of the most interesting pets. This cat is very unique for it comes with broad head and muscular body. The Russian cat is also characterized with long neck ruffs, large slanted eyes, plumed tail and double coats.  The people who want to enjoy a unique cat which can jump higher should choose it.   You can pick the male one if you want to have a muscular […]