english bulldog puppies

English Bulldog

Bulldog is the world’s oldest dog breeds that originated in England, it is often known as “English Bulldog“. As the name implies, bulldogs were bred for the purpose of hunting buffalo. At first these dogs are kept as fighting dogs, so that the Bulldog is a dog is aggressive. However, gradually Bulldog dogs were bred to be a good human companions, including with children. Bulldog suitable kept at home as […]

pembroke welsh corgi dog names

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated from the English, these dogs are intelligent and active. These dogs are very easy to train because it is like to always make happy employers. This dog has a low body, strong, alert and active to give the impression of a strong and high stamina. Has size and thick fur that is. These dogs usually have a color red, sable, fawn, black and tan. Size : Height: […]

american foxhound dog names

American Foxhound Dog

The American Foxhound is an intelligent, affectionate, eager, active, energetic and brave. The american Foxhound come from cross breeding of the English and French Hounds. These dogs have a good nose to hunting. Some physical characteristics of American Foxhound Dog : General Appearance: agile and lean. Color:  a mixture of white,brown and black. Size:  have size about 22 – 25 inches. Incoming search terms:American Foxhound (392)foxhound (244)fox hound (109)american foxhound puppies (86)American […]