Birman Cats

The Birman cat is one of the more popular cats in the world.


In a cat breed popularity survey, this cat breed may be more popular in the UK as at one time it was about 4th most popular cat.


Of course, popularity is a fickle thing.


In the Western World, the origin of this breed is from the importation of a female Birman Cat from Burma into France.


This cat had kittens, the only survivor of which was a female, who was outcrossed with Siamese, Colourpoints, and White Longhairs.


The development of the breed in the West had then begun.



The Birman cat is a medium-sized cat with a cat’s weight male 4 to 6 kg, the females are usually slightly smaller than males.


Birman cat only have blue eye color.


Color patterns of this race resemble the Siamese race known as “Colorpoint “(the dark color of the ears, face, tail, and four legs) unless four feet and paws, which is white.


Body straight with medium length, supported by a strong leg.


Head wide and rounded, the nose there is a little indentation, while the eye is almost round and blue, ear medium-sized with a curved tip.


Neck and tail feathers fully grown, thick and smooth.


More body hair color pales in comparison to the color points on both ears, face, feet, and tail.


Siamese and Himalayan racial difference is the color white in the fourth toes.


This white color should be symmetrical, does not exceed the ankle.


Birman cat has a pleasant temperament, they are intelligent and very close attachment to their owners.


Birman cats


Are Birman cats expensive?

The answer is not that too much, how much Birman Cost the average cost is $700-$1,000.


Are Birman cats friendly?

These cats are midsize, sparkling blue eyes with friendly You can easily to take care.


Are Birman cats high maintenance?

This cat loves toys and games but is not high maintenance.


Are Birman cats aggressive?

Cats can see and hear something that people can’t see. If your cat is startled, it can be aggressive.


Can Birman cats be left alone?

No. The more you leave him alone, the more they will be dissatisfied.


How many years do Birman cats live?

Birman cats will live on average 12 to 16 years.


Types of Birman cats:

10 Types of Birman cats color, like Seal, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Seal Tortie (female only breed), Seal Tortie Tabby, Blue Tabby, Seal Tabb.


Birman cat personality:

Birman cats are smart curious and people-oriented with friendly cats.

Birman Cats

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