Can dogs hold their breath

Is it possible for dogs to hold their breath the answer is yes, most adult healthy dogs can hold their breath for 5 to 10 seconds or more.


This time varies depending on the size of the dog with larger breeds being able to hold their breath longer. A St. Bernard can reportedly last 3 minutes underwater.


While most healthy dogs can hold their breath for long spans of time, they are still at risk of death during the process.


Dogs that swim or dive to catch a game or retrieve items underwater frequently can drown if they overdo it and need to come up too soon.


Dogs should only be allowed to do this in areas where you can observe them or in a pool with a lifeguard. Some dogs have been known to be able to hold their breath for up to 3 minutes.


This is particularly true of breeds such as the Bloodhound and Newfoundland that were bred for water rescue work.


Can All Dogs Swim?


Many pet owners are unsure if ALL dogs can swim. Dogs that were not bred for water rescue work or to be near water regularly are often also hesitant of entering the pool.


Some breeds have become more amenable to swimming with training and encouragement from their owners.


Can dogs hold their breath by choice?


When playing or fetching in water, dogs can hold their breath for a few seconds at a time.


The longer your dog holds its breath though, the more likely he will need some extra help to get back on land.


It is important to make sure your dog is used to swimming and doesn’t need too much encouragement to get in the pool.


How long can a dog hold their breath?


This is a question that has been hotly contested among pet owners. Some breeds of dogs have been bred over the years to be able to hold their breath for extended durations, but this should not give you a license to play games where they need to be submerged underwater for lengthy periods of time.


The Mammalian Diving Response:


The diving response is a reflex that all mammals have, but it has become very pronounced in the dog family. When one of these animals dives underwater, they can hold their breath for extended periods of time.


How Long Can dogs stay without breathing?


Most dogs Can stay without breathing for 5 to 10 seconds or more underwater, but if your dog is struggling to get back to the surface, you should help him.


As long as they are conscious, you can continue to give them mouth-to-snout resuscitation until they start breathing again.


Can you teach a dog to hold its breath?


Yes if you teach your dog so they can do it, but Some breeds of dogs have been bred to work in the water and they will hold their breath naturally. Other breeds were not bred for this type of work and may be less inclined to spend time under the water.


Use a Life Vest When Starting Out:


If your dog is not used to swimming, you should use a life vest when starting out. This will help them get their bearings without risking too much exposure to the cold water or anything else.


How Deep Can Dogs Go?


Newfoundland’s have been bred over time to work in deep waters and can reportedly go as deep as 165 feet underwater. Though most dogs can go to a depth of 50-60 feet without too much trouble.


Can Dogs Dive Underwater?


When they are in the water, dogs can dive under to find their toy or ball. They have been bred to have muscular bodies and webbed feet that assist them in swimming and diving underwater.


Do dogs hold their breath in smoke?


Dogs are unable to hold their breath when they are in smoky conditions. If they have been exposed to smoke, it is important that you take them outside for fresh air immediately.




If you want your dog to hold their breath for an extended period of time, make sure they are used to going into the water and then introduce them slowly.


If you attempt to push them too hard or keep them under longer than 7 seconds without training, they will become stressed and this can lead to a panic attack.

How much time Can dogs hold their breath?

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