cat panting after playing with laser pointer

It’s a normal matter of cat panting after playing with laser pointer. cats love to play with lasers, they find it a very exciting and fun activity that makes them feel good.


The cat’s panting after playing with a laser pointer is nothing serious but still, you should pay attention to your pet and its behavior as this may be an early sign of something worse because the number of cats that start playing with a laser pointer is increasing,


it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and signs of an eventual feline problem.


Why is my cat pantsing?


Cats pant when they’re in a bad shape and feel really exhausted.


This means that they got very tired due to heat or another problem, the cat pants because it lacks oxygen that is usually provided by breathing with its lungs but in some cases may be panting due to stress.


What to do if your cat is panting?


If your cat pants after playing or exercising is a common issue and may be nothing to worry about but it’s always good to keep an eye on your cat and check for symptoms like heavy breathing, vomiting, collapse, seizures, pain, and such.


Why do cats pants?


Cats pants when they get hot and it can be a serious issue if your cat is panting while resting or sleeping.


The feline breathing rate increases when it gets too warm, this means that there’s a problem with their cardiovascular system because of which blood circulation and heartbeats decrease and the cat doesn’t get enough oxygen.


When should I consult a vet about cat panting?


If your cat starts panting after resting or sleeping then you should see a vet immediately.


If your feline experiences labored breathing, shortness of breath, it pantses for more than 20 minutes and is in great pain when doing so then it might be suffering from problems with its heart lungs, or another cardiovascular system issue.


Common causes of cat panting:


Feline asthma: Cats with feline asthma may start panting because of the presence of mucus and other fluids in their lungs,


Cats like to play with laser pointers and such make them breathe this stuff deep into their lungs which can lead to serious problems.




Cats may pant when they get too hot due to various reasons that have been mentioned above, if your cat pants for more than 20 minutes then you should bring it to a cool place and see a vet immediately.


Is it OK if my cat is panting after playing?


If your cat pants after playing and is not having any problems then you don’t have to worry about anything,


If the feline shows symptoms like labored breathing and heavy panting for more than 20 minutes then it’s advised to take them to see a veterinarian.


Do laser pointers mess with cats?


Laser pointers and feline lasers emit a red light that stimulates cats and makes them chase after the laser spot,


this is very good for the cat as it provides them with mental and physical stimulation which should be something that all owners of energetic felines provide their pets with.


How can I calm my cat from panting?


If your feline is panting after playing then you should put them in a cool place and make sure that they can access water at any time,


if they don’t stop panting after 10 minutes of resting then you should take them to see the vet as soon as possible.


Why is my cat panting so hard after playing?


Cats pant when they play because it tires them out, playing is a good way to release their pent-up energy as well as exercise and stimulate their mind.


Cardiovascular system diseases:


Heart failure or cardiac arrest may lead to cat panting as well as problems with the feline lungs.




Cats pant when they get tired due to playing or exercising, which is not a serious issue but it’s still advised for your cat to see a veterinarian if it starts panting after resting.

Cat panting after playing with laser pointer

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