Do huskies get along with other dogs

Question Do Huskies get along with other dogs it’s dependent all on your dog Let know all step by step I will provide the best answers.


If your dog is a puppy, then the answer is yes and if your dog is old huskies then it’s hard. Even if your pet is best buddies with another dog now, it’s possible that they’ll fight in a few years.


Territoriality and dominance are common behaviors for any canine species. There are many things you can do to make sure that your pets enjoy each other’s company from here on out.


What about two male dogs?


It’s rare for males to fight when they’re introduced to each other properly. If both of the dogs in the scenario have been fixed already, then the likelihood of them getting along well together increases greatly.


It should be noted that not all fixed dogs get along with each other. If you have a puppy and it’s going to be alone with another dog for an extended period of time, then it’s a good idea that both animals are fixed.


This will decrease the odds of a fight breaking out at some point in the future. Unfixed dogs can get into altercations over territory or resources such as toys, food, and sleeping spots.


What about two female dogs? 


The fact is that if your husky gets along great with another female canine, then they’ll most likely get along well with any other pets that you add to the home in the future.


When both male and female dogs meet up together for the first time, there’s always a chance that they could fight each other.


Even if your dogs are best friends, this is something that you have to watch for. As long as they aren’t intact, pet owners needn’t worry about the possibility of their pets fighting.


Female dogs who are fixed tend to get along with one another much better than those who are not.


What should I do before letting my dogs meet up?


If you’re bringing home a new puppy or thinking about fostering a dog from the local shelter, then it’s best to let your current canine companion meet them first.


You can accomplish this by playing with both dogs on either side of a baby gate or even just bringing the new pup over for an extended visit. Under no circumstances should you leave them alone together.


What if my dog isn’t fixed yet?


If you have an un-fixed dog who is in the process of getting along with another canine, then it’s important to be cautious when bringing them together for playtime.


When your husky plays with a fellow pup, make sure that there are no balls or sticks around because these can lead to fights.


You should also supervise their interactions at all times in case they do get into a scuffle. Also make sure that each pet has its own food bowl, sleeping area, and toys.


What if my dogs fight?


It may seem obvious but keep yourself safe during an altercation between pets by blocking off escape routes for both or placing one pet in another room.


Sometimes just giving them a couple of minutes to “cool down” is enough to break up the fight.


You’ll have to physically pull them apart with a lead attached to their collar. It’s important that they don’t get a hold of each other’s neck because this could be dangerous.


After separating your dogs, you should still watch them for any signs of fighting such as growling, snarling, snapping at one another, and hair standing up along the spinal cord.


What do I do if my dog injures or attacks another?       


If your pet has seriously injured another animal during an attack, then contact your vet immediately and also your local Animal Control agency.


If you’re unable to get to your vet’s office, then you’ll have to get the other pet medical attention yourself.


This can be done by wrapping a bandage around its body and legs which will help stop the bleeding.


If there is no blood flowing from any of the wounds, then you shouldn’t attempt this because you could make it worse.


After getting them medical treatment, you should also speak with Animal Control to file a report against your dog.


What if my dogs are best friends?


It might seem strange but when two dogs are great friends who play together all of the time, they could potentially fight when something disrupts their relationship.


One animal might take an object that belongs to the other dog or even just pushes them out of the way when they’re going after a treat.


You’ll have to keep a close eye on them and restrict their access to shared items in order to prevent future scuffles between your dogs.


What should I do if my dog wants to attack another?


If one or both of your pets has been displaying aggressive behavior toward other animals, then it might be time to get professional help.


Speak with your vet about canine aggression treatment options such as using medications, undergoing training, and/or making changes to the pet’s routine.


Owners will have no choice but to re-home one of their pets so that everyone can live happily together again.


Are Huskies aggressive with other dogs? 


No, Huskies are very friendly, the family dog who likes to play with other dogs. If the husky is not fixed and they see another dog, they could feel the need to breed and might want to attack.


How do I break up a fight between my dogs at home? 


If a fight starts in your home then the best way to break it up is to get help from another family member or friend. If you try to break the fight up yourself then you could get bit or scratched by either dog. Be careful not to pull too hard on the collar because this could hurt the dog.


What kind of dog gets along with Huskies? 


Huskies get along very well with other dogs. Any dog that is not aggressive or snappy should be good to go with the husky.


Can Huskies be around small dogs? 


Huskies will only be friends with small dogs if they have been raised with them. Small dogs can be prey to the husky, therefore making the husky want to attack.


Do Huskies get more aggressive with age? 


Yes, if the husky is kept in a kennel all of the time then they will start to get more aggressive with age. If a husky is allowed to run around and play daily, it will not get aggressive toward other dogs.


Are Huskies jealous dogs? 


Huskies are not jealous dogs. They show no signs of jealousy towards other animals or people. They just want to be friends with everyone.


Do Huskies eat cats? 


Huskies can eat a cat if they catch it. If you have dogs and cats that live together then be sure to watch your dogs around the cat. Do not leave a dog and a cat together if you know that the dog has killed another cat. If your dog is nice around the cat then everything should be fine.


Are female Huskies aggressive? 


No, female Huskies are not aggressive. They will protect their babies if they think that the babies are in danger but other than that they are very friendly and kind.


When do Huskies get aggressive? 


Huskies get aggressive when they see other dogs and think that the dog is a potential mate. If you keep your husky in a kennel all of the time then they will not get aggressive toward other dogs because they will not see them often enough to want to fight with them.


Are male Huskies more aggressive than female Huskies? 


No, male and female Huskies are just as friendly and just as likely to be aggressive or not be aggressive. It makes no difference if the husky is male or female because their temperament is unchanged between genders.




Although Siberian huskies are able to get along with other pets, they still have a high prey drive and the instinct to want to chase down different animals.


It’s important that you supervise them closely when they’re together so that any altercations can be limited. Having an un-fixed dog in the same house as another one can also lead to trouble.


Although they may seem like good pals, bringing in a new puppy and not having them fixed yet could result in problematic behaviors such as fighting with other dogs.


If you have any pets who are showing signs of aggression toward others, then it’s important that you get help from your vet quickly before this turns into a more serious problem.

Do Huskies get along with other dogs?

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