English Bulldog

Bulldog is the world’s oldest dog breed that originated in England, it is often known as “English Bulldog“.


Bulldogs were bred for buffalo hunting, as the name implies.


At first, these dogs are kept as fighting dogs, so that the Bulldog is a dog is aggressive.


However, gradually Bulldog dogs were bred to be good human companions, including with children.


Bulldog suitable kept at home as a family dog who faithfully and well.


However, the symbol as a tough and courageous dog stays attached to the Bulldog.


Bulldog is widely used as a symbol of courage and toughness in the military and national pride of the British dog.


American bulldog images


American bulldog images

American bulldog images

Some people search American bulldog images so we Added Some American bulldog images for helping those people.


English bulldog price:

English bulldog average price $1,500 to $4,000


Blue English bulldog price:

Blue English bulldog’s average price is $8,500 to $14,000 or more.


Are English Bulldogs good pets?

Yes, English Bulldogs good disposition with sweet pets.


English bulldog weight:

Male bulldog weight 23 to 25 and Femail bulldog weight 18 to 23 KG.


What is the average size of an English bulldog?

Male English bulldog average size 12 to 16 in and Female also the same size


Why are English Bulldogs so expensive?

The demand for bulldogs is very high and it is a popular breed so its price is very high.


Are English Bulldogs hard to take care of?

actually, it’s little hard because daily cleaning must their skin folds and pockets.


English bulldog puppies price:

actually, bulldog puppies or bulldog price is average same But some may be more or less.


Are English Bulldogs good house pets?

It usually depends on the people in that house and it’s true it’s a wonderful family pet and loving most people.


English bulldog lifespan:

English bulldog average lifespan 8 to 10 years.

English Bulldog

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