Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker

The hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker species looks quite similar.


But, there are some subtle differences that will help identify these birds.


At first glance, it will not be possible to find a difference between these two birds.


If you observe well, you can distinguish two species of birds.


These two species of birds are widespread throughout North America.


Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker is black and white with almost identical patterns.


The habitat of the two species is the same.


They usually go to the feeder area where they eat suet and sometimes seeds.


Male birds of these two species have a red patch behind their heads.


Here are some differences between hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker.



Classification of identification


Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker


Size & Shape: Depending on the size of the bird, it is easy to determine the species.


The length of the hairy woodpecker is 9.25 inches. And their wingspan is 15 inches.


The length of the downy woodpecker is 6.75 inches. And their wingspan is 12 inches (25-30 cm).


The difference in size indicates that the Hairy Woodpecker is about one-third larger than the Downy woodpecker.


Bill: The Hairy Woodpecker has a long and strong bill.


Whose size is approximately equal to the length of the head.


On the other hand, the downy woodpecker’s bill is short.


It is less than half the length of his head.


Comparing bill sizes is much easier than comparing overall sizes.


Range: These two woodpecker species are widespread throughout most of North America.


The hairy woodpecker range is some larger.


Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker only some difference in their range.


Tail Feathers: Hairy woodpecker’s outside tail feathers color is white and there are no spots.


Downy woodpecker outside tail feathers color is white with black spots.


Behavior: Hairy Woodpecker is usually shy in nature. they don’t give chance to be close.


They like to eat dense branches and tree trunks.


Downy woodpeckers are birds full of curiosity.


Usually, they give a chance to be close.


They are a little different in terms of behavior.


They often eat thin branches, small trees, and weed stalks.


Habitat: Both species of birds live in thin, pine, and hardwood forests.


 The downy woodpecker is usually 10 times more likely to appear in rural areas and backyards.


They go to the edge of land in rural areas and eat weeds.


Hairy Woodpecker lives in the suburbs, parks, and cemeteries, as well as in forested areas.


Voice/Call: Hairy woodpecker calls are very Higher-pitched, bold peek and louder, stronger.


On the other hand, Downy woodpecker calls are soft, descending pitch and short mellow pik.




Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker


Plumage patterns on the hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker are similar.


But, there is a very simple difference between these two species of birds.


It can be difficult to distinguish between two species of birds by looking at any one species.


The differences between the two species of woodpeckers we have documented with the obvious above.


Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker shortcut view


Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker



What is a hairy woodpecker lifespan?

hairy woodpecker average lifespan15 years.


hairy woodpecker nest:

hairy woodpecker their nest dead tree hole.


Downy woodpecker Lifespan:

Downy woodpecker average lifespan is 9 to 11 years.


Downy woodpecker nest:

same to hairy woodpecker like dead tree hole.

Hairy woodpecker vs downy woodpecker identification Keys

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