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You don’t have to do much to clean a hummingbird feeder it’s a very simple matter.


To clean you need to take hot water and make foam with some scrubbing.


No chemical equipment other than a small brush is required to clean the feeder.


Keeping feeders clean and healthy is good for birds.


Because feeding birds clean and healthy nectar is a very important aspect.


If you always keep the feeder clean, the birds will be attracted to eat nectar regularly.


Hummingbirds never drink if there is bad food in the nectar.


You should keep hummingbird feeders clean from time to time.


Clean feeder nectar is served Hummingbirds will come back and eat the nectar.


How to clean hummingbird feeder?


You need to clean the feeder when you see that the nectar in your hummingbird feeder is cloudy and full of insects.


Insects, especially ants, are attracted to nectar, and later died.


That dead ant poisons your nectar. This is very harmful to birds.


If the feeding ports are stuck or the mold is growing in the feeder, it also needs to be cleaned.


You can clean all your feeders at once if you want.


Now I will show step by step How to clean hummingbird feeder


hummingbird feeder clean


Many are worried about how to clean a hummingbird feeder.


There is no reason to worry. Because we will teach you to step by step how to clean the hummingbird feeder.


Hummingbird feeders are very easy to clean but it is also important to have some awareness.


Equipment that is required before cleaning the hummingbird feeder.



  • Unscented dish soap
  • A small bristle brush or other cleaning tools
  • Bottlebrush
  • Bucket
  • Soft, clean cloth or paper towels




 The first step:  Open all the parts & throw away the dirty nectar


how to clean hummingbird feeder



First, carefully open all the parts of the feeder slowly.


Basically, it is better to separate your feeder as much as possible to make it easier to clean.


Open the parts in such a way that the parts of the feeder are not damaged.


Then remove the unnecessary nectar from the feeder.


If the nectar sticks to the feeder which becomes difficult to remove, then soak it in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes.


To better learn how to clean a hummingbird feeder.


Carefully place all parts of the feeder and soak all parts in hot water for 1 to 2 hours.


Separate contaminants, perch, ant algae, and any other removable part from insects so that the feeder is well cleaned.


The second step: There are three types of cleaning


Here are three ways to how to clean hummingbird feeders.


First way: 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water. We use this mixture to clean hummingbird feeders.


Many people use this mixture because it is very easy to make.


Vinegar is an element that is a great all-natural cleaner.


That kills most bacteria and has the best protection.


Second way: 1 part bleach, 9 parts water. After cleaning the feeders with vinegar.


We recommend soaking them with a mixture of bleach.


This is because bleach will quickly kill any bacteria in the feeders.


This mixture helps to prevent the spread of various diseases.


Although the solution is very effective, we will say that it is right not to use this solution.


Bleach is a chemical substance. Hummingbirds are very small so this chemical mixture can be harmful to them.


We will refuse to use this mixture because we cannot take responsibility for it.


If anyone is using this mixture to disinfect, please rinse with plenty of clean water to the feeder.


The third way how to clean the hummingbird feeder: HOT Water, with a bit of dish soap.


Our advice is if you are too dedicated to cleaning your hummingbird feeder.


You can clean your hummingbird feeder at any time with hot water and soapy water.


This is a very simple method that can eliminate many bacteria and germs.

The third step: Some of the cleaner’s tools


There are a few more cleaning supplies for how to clean a hummingbird feeder that is described below.


The feeder cleaning step includes brush items.


There are many types of feeder brushes available in the market for cleaning feeders.


Different types of brushes can be used on different parts of the feeder.


The hummingbird feeder has a specific brush set for a specific location that you can use.


You can use them in the right place according to your needs.


You can use buckets to wet your hummingbird feeder.


Soak the dirty hummingbird feeder in the bucket for a while and carefully clean it with a brush.


The fourth step: Rinse feeder with clean water


how to clean hummingbird feeder


After cleaning the hummingbird feeder.


Rinse thoroughly with clean water for at least some time to remove all soap residues.


Keep washing with clean water until the smell of soap or vinegar leaves the feeder.


Thoroughly clean or wash all parts of the hummingbird feeder.


Hummingbirds will not want to eat nectar if the smell of soap, vinegar, and bleach is in the feeder.


The fifth step: Wipe with a soft and clean cloth


Arrange all parts of your hummingbird feeder on a dry towel until completely dry.


To allow the feeder to dry more quickly, wipe each piece with a dry cloth before the rest dries.


After cleaning the hummingbird feeder, all you have to do is wipe the feeder with a soft, dry cloth.


Then arrange for the feeder to dry properly.


Once the hummingbird feeder is completely dry you can assemble all the parts.


The sixth step: Dry thoroughly and install all parts


How to clean a hummingbird feeder is the last step.


The hummingbird feeder has been properly cleaned and dried well.


Now all the parts of the feeder have to be installed one by one.


Connect the feeder in such a way that all the parts are the same as before.


Now fill the feeder with nectar and hang it in the right place.


How to clean hummingbird feeder with vinegar?


How to clean hummingbird feeder with vinegar?


Vinegar is an acidic liquid that also acts as a natural preservative.


As an alternative to dish soaps, vinegar has different antiseptic properties.


Fill the hummingbird feeder with two parts water and one part vinegar and soak it for a few hours.


After a few hours, shake the feeder well.


Now you need to use a brush to clean the hummingbird feeder.


Then discard the vinegar solution.


Now shake the feeder with clean water and wash it well.


Clean the feeder in such a way that it does not smell of vinegar.


Hummingbirds do not like the smell of vinegar, soap, or bleach.


After cleaning the feeder with vinegar, then you must clean the feeder well before giving nectar.


How often should you clean a hummingbird feeder?


It is important to keep your hummingbird feeder clean at all times.


If your feeder is clean, hummingbirds will never leave nectar.


The hummingbird feeder should be cleaned twice a week In hot weather.


The hummingbird feeder should be cleaned more frequently if the temperature is high.


Clean the feeder once a week in winter.


If your hummingbirds eat the nectar fully, it is best to clean it every time.


Hummingbird feeders are always best cleaned with warm water.


You can use vinegar solution if you want to clean the hummingbird feeder.


How long do you clean a hummingbird feeder?


The nectars in the hummingbird feeder are usually sweeter.


The nectar is very sweet as it contains a lot of sugar.


Because nectar is sweet in feeders, ants and bees are more attracted to it.


When ants and bees enter to eat nectar, they often die due to nectar water.


As a result, the nectar turns into bacteria.


Because the sugar solution is thick, it sticks to the feeder.


Because of this, it takes some time to clean the feeder.


The feeder can be cleaned in a variety of ways with vinegar, dish soap, and bleach solution.


We always suggest that the feeder should be cleaned until it is well cleaned.


The hummingbird feeder should be cleaned in such a way that there is no dirt or smell.


Finally our best suggestion


hummingbird feeder


We’ve done a lot of research to show that many people say a lot.


Some have refused to use soap or been advised to avoid it.


Again, many people say to use vinegar instead of soap because the smell of soap sticks to the feeder.


We adhere to all of the above when cleaning our hummingbird feeders.


We hope you know how to clean hummingbird feeders, how long to clean them.


Now you will clean your hummingbird feeders after considering all the issues.


If you have any suggestions on any of the above, please let us know.


We recommend that you clean the feeders in the right way so that your hummingbirds can eat nectar at the right time.

How to clean hummingbird feeder 2021

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