how to make dog food for grain-free sensitive stomachs


All foods should be grain-free and gluten-free because they can have the greatest negative impact on the body of a sensitive gut.


There are still a few that are not sensitive, for those we use a little granulated and cooked so that it becomes a porridge.


If you are a new owner of a dog this can be quite overwhelming, especially if your dog has been diagnosed with wheat sensitivities.


We are still working to find out what your dog will do with the food.


It may be difficult to switch your dog over from his last food unless of course, it was a very poor choice.


Many new owners are finding success and if you have questions please ask away.


We provide the best to answer all inquiries.


Our first question for you is what is the size of the dog and what will he eat?


The size of the dog and the number of meals per day that your dog consumes determine the overall nutrient content of the food.


You will need to experiment with the amount of grain it takes to make the food nutritionally balanced.


How many meals per day is acceptable for your dog?


We think six would be perfect.


So as you plan for your dog make sure that it is dog friendly and grain-free.


In a few months, your dog will need to be switched to another food, it may be grain-free or another grain-free food.


Does grain-free food make a dog smell like food?


how to make dog food for grain-free sensitive stomachs


It makes them smell like grain-free dog food, but if they actually get it in their mouth they will be able to eat it because it does not make them feel sick.


It is just that sensitive stomach does not like it and after they eat the food they will get hungry and they will eat it.


The grain-free dog food does not give a dog gas and they can actually eat it without having a stomach ache.


You can smell the food from the time it gets to your dog.


He will smell it on the floors and probably in the bed because you will have just changed the bedding.


Remember a sensitive stomach does not like that so the food is probably off his mind. If it smells good he will find it.

how to make dog food for grain free sensitive stomachs

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