How to stop cat from attacking toilet paper

My cat attacks toilet paper How to stop cat from attacking toilet paper Step by step Full guide with all tips and tricks, Continue to reading…


Cats are curious creatures, They will investigate everything at your house, even if they’re bored. You can use other sheets to comfort your cat if they’re lounging on shredded toilet paper. Please keep toilet paper from touching and the door lock locked if your cat is intruding.


Give them other toys to play with, especially ones a cat should use when you’re busy or away.


How to stop her from doing this?


Your cat may be trying to self-soothe by shredding the tissue. Try giving your cat something else to do with their time such as play with toys or nap in another room away from the bathroom. If the behavior continues, contact your veterinarian for an evaluation.


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Cat Proof Toilet Paper Holders to Keep Cats off your Rolls:


If your cat is an avid chewer and loves the feel of paper against his teeth, you may want to invest in a toilet paper holder that’s made just for him. These holders have little paws that keep the roll from spinning freely.


If your kitty attempts to bat at it, he won’t be able to get a good grip on the roll, and soon he’ll give up.


More than one customer said that she bought this holder for her cat after it shredded the toilet paper on the floor of her bathroom.


Some styles feature a metal band around the center of the roll, so your cat can’t unroll his gift easily.


If you’re someone who likes to keep spares in the closet, you can make your own with a little pipe cleaner or twist tie.


You can also cover the roll in plastic wrap, which is another option for keeping it safe from claws.


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Why do cats destroy toilet paper?


There are several reasons why a cat may destroy toilet paper. It may be boring, it could have anxiety or stress, or it may actually be hungry.


Determine which one is the cause of your cat’s behavior by eliminating other factors or triggers that may be causing it to act this way.


Is toilet paper safe for cats?


Many cat owners make paper-towel toys with a toilet paper roll and some catnip. Just take an unopened tube of toilet paper and put some catnip inside.


Wrap the tube tightly with plastic wrap, making sure you leave a little bit of an opening for the cat to get its head inside. Then, cover it with a piece of paper or fabric so your kitty can’t remove the plastic wrap.


Why do cats like to play with toilet paper?


There could be a number of reasons why a cat prefers to play with toilet paper. If your cat is tearing it in an aggressive way, it may be a sign that he is upset or stressed. In the wild, cats play with small prey to work out their stress and aggressive feelings.


13 tips to train your cat not attack the bathroom tissue:


1)   Use a different type of toilet paper. Cats have sensitive noses, and they may be attacking the tissue because it smells like their old litter box.


2)   Have more than one litter box in the house. This way, if one is being used, another will be available for them to use.


3)   Put a bell on the door to warn you when your cat is coming. This will give you time to hide any tissue before they attack it.


4)   Train them not to go near the bathroom area by using a water spray bottle or other types of a deterrent.


5)   Get them a scratching post in their favorite spot.


6)   Train them to scratch on the post rather than your furniture.


7)   Get some cat toys (or put a Kong on the foot of your bed to encourage them to jump there instead).


8)   If they are still bad, take all their food away and replace it with treats so they will come to you for their meals and your attention. Walking on a leash.


10)   Get them used to a harness by carrying them around while they are inside it.


12)   Start with short walks, gradually increasing the length of time they can be outside.


13)   When they are following you well, start taking them outside on long walks as well.




Training your cat can be a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Toilet paper is an instigator of many cat attacks.


We show you how to train your cats to stay away from the toilet paper and how to keep them from attacking the toilet paper when they do get a hold of it.

13 Tips How to stop cat from attacking toilet paper?

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