About Grizzly Bear


The massacre of five members of a Canadian national park patrol team by a grizzly bear in mid-


February has drawn the attention of wildlife advocates, environmentalists,


and politicians to the legality of protecting the biggest threat to both



Humans and grizzly bears:

About Grizzly Bear

unsustainable timber. The poaching incident has spurred calls for a ban on the use of dead trees,


like those in the Interior of British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies,


that are often illegally cut and left by logging crews.


The calls have been renewed by the news that another grizzly bear was killed by a hunter in the Kootenay region last week.

In a press release, Grizzly Bear International cited the latest death as


“the third grizzly killed in recent weeks,”

despite a 2014 declaration by the Department of Environment and the government of


British Columbia that the presence of black bear-killing trappers in the region posed an immediate risk to the existence of grizzlies.


Grizzly Bear International said the bears in the region are the victims of a combination of inadequate management practices and flawed legislation to protect the bears’ habitat.


We believe that this dangerous system will continue until this reckless trap is closed.


“This year, slaughtered 25 grizzly bears in the Grizzly Bear Conservation District in Kootenay Rockies.


Grizzly’s death has been identified as accidental due to the presence of traps of various predatory bears and black bears,

which are considered by wildlife authorities such as BC conservation officials.


This kind of flippant, careless, and careless approach in terms of the protection of grizzlies is irresponsible,


unethical, reckless, and unsustainable.”


The organization added some information as they said we hope this dangerous system will continue until this reckless trap is stopped.


The group is working to apply greater pressure on the state of British Columbia.


both locally and nationally, for reform in its control and management of this dangerous,


unsustainable and unsustainable practice,” Grizzly



Grizzly bear attack

For visitors to the park, the risk of being injured by a bear is significantly lower at 1 in 2.7 million visits.


Will grizzly bears attack humans?

Yes bears only attack humans to protect their food, cubs, or space.


Grizzly bear weight female:

Average weight for females 130–180 kg


Grizzly bear weight male:

Average weight for male 180–360 kg

Grizzly bear Shoulder Height: 3.3 ft (1 m)


Grizzly bear Lifespan:

Average Grizzly bear Lifespan 25 to 30


Grizzly bear length:

Adult grizzly bear length 2 m

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