Maine coon cat breed lifespan

The Maine Coon cat is a large, long-haired breed of domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance and personality.


They are known for their intelligence, gentle demeanor, and tolerance of children.


They are a particularly good breed for families with an active lifestyle since they tend to be both playful and gentle.


Maine coon cat breed lifespan: 10 to 16 years


Maine coon cat weight: 7 to 16 kg


A purebred Maine Coon cat breed has a life expectancy of anywhere between 10 and 16 years, with the most common range being 10 to 13 years.


How long do indoor Maine Coon cats live?


According to the ASPCA, indoor cats live between 12 and 15 years on average.


The Maine Coon, being a large breed cat better suited to living indoors than most others, is expected to live about 1-2 years longer than that.


What do size and age have to do with it?


Weight and age have a lot to do with your cat’s life expectancy. Maine Coons are large breed cats, meaning they tend to grow to a much larger size than smaller breeds.


The bigger a cat is, the shorter its life expectancy tends to be. A common cause of death.


How old is the oldest Maine Coon cat?


The oldest living Maine Coon was recently named Corduroy. Born on November 28th, 2004, he is 30 years old as of March 2016.


Corduroy is a Maine Coon born in Minnesota and living currently in Texas, USA.


He has been an indoor cat all his life, very well cared for with lots of love and attention from his owners.


Do Maine Coon cats have a lot of health problems?


Being a large breed cat, Maine Coons are more likely to develop obesity-related health problems including diabetes.


Maine Coon cats are also prone to heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in particular.


Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a condition that affects the hearts of animals and people, resulting in a thickening of the heart muscles.


Maine Coon cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy usually live fairly normal lives, it is only the second leading cause of death in these cats.


Are Maine Coons smart?


Maine Coons are one of the smartest cat breeds, with an estimated IQ more than double that of your average feline!


They learn tricks quickly and are eager to please, so training them is easy.


Along with their intellect comes a creative streak – Maine Coons have even been known to play with water, turning faucets on with their paws like little furry Houdinis!


Why are Maine Coons so big?


Maine Coons are large because, in the early days of their domestication, breeders favored cats who grew to be much larger than their wild counterparts.


How old is my cat in human years?


Maine Coon cats age around 7 times faster than humans. They reach adulthood at about 3 years and usually live to their teens, so in human years they would be around 49.


The Maine Coon is the oldest of all domesticated breeds, and it shows! These charming kitties are known to be intelligent, playful, friendly, and – yes – big!


If you have your heart set on a Maine Coon kitten, be prepared for a love that will last 10+ years!


How much does a Maine Coon cat cost?


A purebred Maine Coon kitten costs between 750$ and 1500$. This is due to the fact that breeding these beautiful cats can be very time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication from the breeder.


Do all Maine Coon cats have an M on their forehead?


The M on a Maine Coon cat’s forehead is not a sign of its breed, but rather a distinctive feature that many Maine Coons have.


Maine Coon cats also have a lot of other distinctive features, such as their large size and long tails. The M on the forehead can be of any color.


What are Maine Coon personalities?


Maine Coon personalities are very unique. They are affectionate, laid-back, and incredibly loving towards their human family members.


They may also become very attached to one particular person in the family.


They are always up for a cuddle or a snuggle and they love being around people.


Maine Coons are also very intelligent and this makes them a lot of fun to be around.


Are Maine Coons black?


Maine Coons can come in a variety of colors, but they are not always black.


They can be white, brown (often with darker ‘points’), cream, grey, and even tortoiseshell.




Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats. They are known for their affectionate, intelligent, and loving personalities.


These cats hail from the North American state of Maine and they are one of the oldest breeds around.


Corduroy is a gorgeous long-haired Maine Coon living in Texas, USA.


He has brown tabby fur, a bushy tail with black markings on the end, and a very special M on his forehead!

The Maine coon cat breed lifespan

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