Maine coon cat full history


Maine coon cat
Maine coon cat


The Maine coon cat breed is one of the largest domestic cats in the world.

And this species is the largest of all species.

Maine Coon cats are usually large, affectionate who like to play and hang out with humans.

This cat breed is usually known for its huge size – up to 40 inches in length.

At one time Maine coon cat breeds were on the verge of extinction.

This cat species is now surprisingly popular.

These cats have wide chests and strong leg muscles. Actually, the Maine coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed.

Maine Coon cat comes in all colors.

The physical feature of The Mine Coon is a large, hearty, healthy cat that was clearly raised in cold weather.

Their coats are very thick, glossy, and resistant to water.



As for how, and where did Maine Coon cat come from?


 Maine coon cat
Maine coon cat


There are many stories about where the Maine Coon cat came from.

Now we will try to mention the story of the origin of Maine Coon in a short range.

The Maine Coons are considered Native Americans because they have probably been on this continent for a long time.

A story has been written that this breed is a hybrid of a raccoon / domestic cat.

Although both raccoons and Maine Coons have long tails.

Their tendency to waste food is similar.

Another story states that the breed was bred by the Maine Coon Bobcat / Domestic Cat trysts.


Although there are many beautiful stories about the Maine Coon cats.


Maine coon cat
Maine coon cat


One of them is the story of Marie Antoinette. She was the queen of France in the late 1700s.

For some reason, the queen was sentenced to death in order in the 1793s. She tried to escape, but he failed.

Before fleeing, he loaded his ship in six long-haired cats from France with the help of Captain Samuel Clough.

The Turkish Angoras or Siberians were his most valuable assets on that ship.

Where have been mixed with all the long and short-haired cats of the locale to create the Maine Coon.

There is one more popular story of that period.

A sea captain named Coon brought taller cats with him on a trip to the northeastern coast of the United States in the 1700s.

A few of these cats got lost in the run that mingled with the locals.

The Maine coon is one of the first species recognized by fictional cats of the late nineteenth century.

No matter where this breed came from.

These breeds suddenly disappeared in 1950 and were declared extinct.

Fortunately, this nation is found again.

Now, this breed is the most popular which is in the second place.


 Size & Body shape


Best Maine coon cat
Best Maine coon cat


It is a large cat species that has muscular and broad-chested.

Usually, Maine coons weigh from 13 to 18 pounds. The average weight of a female cats 4-6 kg.

And their average height is 25 – 40 cm. The males are a little older.

Both males and females are medium to large in size.

They do not reach full size until they are three to five years old.

Maine coon Cat’s ears are large and wide. Their eyes are large and shape an oval.

This breeds eye color can be green, gold, or copper, blue eyes, or even odd eye shades.

Their legs are quite wide according to their body size.

The tail of this breed of cat is long and wide. Maine Coon cat breeds come in all colors.

The physical feature of the Mine Coon is a large, hearty, healthy cat that was clearly raised in cold weather.

Their coats are very thick, glossy, and resistant to water.

The reason they can reach anywhere effortlessly is because of their thick coat.

Most people misunderstand how they can get from one place to another if their size is big.

Maine coon cat full history

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