Maltese Dog

Maltese are small dogs are suitable companions, coat white sparkling hanging down.


This breed doesn’t have an Undercoat, and coat should not be wavy or curly.


The coat should be shiny and along the length of approximately 8.5 inches (22cm).


His ears are shut down and his tail is covered with feathers to the back. 


The snout is slightly tapered and should be one-third of the length of the head.


His nose should be black and his nostril open perfectly.


His body should be slightly longer than his height with a spine are balanced.


Dogs of this breed have balanced and stable bones.


When walking, a proportional Maltese would look like a white cloud (coat) that floats above the ground.


This kind of dog is suitable for you who live in apartments or houses that is not too large.


They are very active indoors and are not problematic if you do not have a yard.


They also like the streets are routine or just playing in the park and they still love to play even in old age.


You do not need to invite them often exercise because they do not really need it.


The Maltese dog price


Maltese Dog


Although Maltese is a small dog, their price is much higher about $500 to $2000.


The price of a dog depends largely on its offspring,


they have multiple colors brown, black, white, etc all colors price almost the same Some less or more.



Maltese Dog size:

Average Maltese Male Dog size 8.5 to 10 and Female also small size 8 to 9.


Maltese dog weight:

Maltese dog Average weight 3 to 4 kg


Maltese dog lifespan:

Maltese dog’s average lifespan is 12 to 15 Years.


Do Maltese dogs bark a lot?

Yes, they are a lot of barking, Extra through training can off their barking.


Are Maltese dogs good pets?

Yes, they are affectionate, intelligent with trustworthy dogs, and good family dogs.


Do Maltese dogs shed a lot?

they don’t shed much.


Can Maltese stay home alone?

They are small and like children they do not like to be alone, if they are left alone they may get upset.


Are Maltese easy to train?

Yes, it is very easy to train them, But it’s hard to keep calm.

Maltese Dog

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