Puppy Breathing Fast When Sleeping

Should I be worried about my puppy breathing fast? If you can’t see a rapid breath rate or you have only seen the normal rate of oxygen in your dog’s stomach previously you may get frustrated if your puppy breathes much slower.


A major cause for concern is the lack of severe symptoms such as rapid breathlessness. To understand how fast a puppy can breathe the following tips can ease any fears.


Puppy breathing fast when sleeping:


Normal: The average healthy adult dog breathes at about 10-30 breaths per minute, this varies between 20 – 30.


The following graph shows the breathing rate of a healthy puppy when they are 5 days old compared to week 1 compared to 4 weeks old compared with an adult dog.


  • Adult: 20 – 30 breaths per minute.
  • 5 days old: 60-90 breaths per minute
  • 1 week old: 50-60 breaths per minute
  • 4 weeks old: 40-50 breaths per minute
  • 25 days old: 100-120 breaths per minute


If your puppy gets upset when playing they will pant heavily and this is common but if your puppy remains like this for several hours or wheezes, you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.


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Why is my puppy breathing so fast?


Please seek veterinary attention if your puppy breathing fast when sleeping, but only in the case of extreme, ongoing concerns. Puppies tend to gulp air down their throats when excited or scared which leads them to breathe rapidly.


There are a lot of causes for a dog breathing fast which include:


Normal respiratory changes when coming from a warm house to a cool environment. If your dog has been exercising then they will be more likely to breathe fast for a while, this is ok but not an ongoing issue.


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What is fast breathing?


Very fast breathing is a sign of a serious problem, less than 10 breaths per minute would be a cause for concern. 20-30 breaths per minute are the average although this varies between breeds.


How do I determine my puppy’s respiratory rate?


You can determine your puppy’s respiratory rate by counting breaths over one minute. Simply count how many times their chests rise and fall in a minute while they are at rest.


If you suspect that your dog is having trouble breathing, or if you want to check whether or not your dog is breathing normally after administering medication, there are a few steps you can take.


Stand in front of your dog and watch their chest and abdomen at the level of the elbows and stifle. Place your hand on their chest so that you can feel their breathing.


If your puppy’s respiratory rate is below normal, or if they have been administered medication to slow their breathing.


Why do puppies breathe so fast?


Puppies can breathe fast for a variety of reasons, although it is normal for them to have faster heart rates than adult dogs. Puppy breathing fast could be caused by excitement or fear.


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My puppy is breathing fast Should I worry?


If your puppy is panting after being active, going outside on a hot day, or playing with another dog they may be breathing a bit faster than they usually do. If you know that the rapid breath rate is normal for your pet then it can be considered ‘normal.


How to make a puppy breathe slower?


If you believe rapid breathing in dogs is out of the ordinary, and it has been going on for some time your veterinarian may need to be involved in the treatment of your pet. You will likely receive medication for your pet to take, and if this is not helping you will be sent home with a nebulizer.


Chelsea Newcastle:


Puppies Breathe Fast When Sleeping Due to their rapid growth rate, puppies breathe faster than adult dogs.


Therefore, if you notice your pup breathing rapidly while at rest, it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about serious causes of concern unless they also have other symptoms. Puppy breathing fast while sleeping is normal in some cases.


Medical reasons for fast breathing:


Age, exercise levels, and the temperature of the environment that your pet is in can all affect their respiratory rate. High temperatures or high activity levels tend to increase the number of breaths per minute.


Can a puppy breathe fast?


Yes, puppies can breathe quite rapidly. This is because they are still growing and their metabolism has increased to accommodate their high-energy lifestyle.


If your puppy’s breathing rate seems too fast for his normal activities, or you notice signs of distress like panting, it may be time to make an appointment with the vet.


Tips on slowing down your puppies’ breathing:


A long walk or lots of playtime in a cool environment may help your dog to relax and breathe slowly. Keep an eye on your pet during exercise, to make sure that they don’t collapse or have any other health problems.


Can a puppy have trouble breathing?


Yes, a puppy can have trouble breathing for some reason. Medical causes related to the respiratory system can sometimes cause puppies to have trouble breathing. When you notice any unusual symptoms, you must take your dog to see a vet as soon as possible.


Unexplainable breathing patterns:


If you notice your pup struggling for breath when exercising or panting constantly, it may be due to brachycephalic syndrome.


Dyspnea or labored breathing: 


Dyspnea or labored breathing is a medical term that means difficulty in breathing. It’s important to note that dogs are different from human beings in how they respond to such breathing difficulties.


Reasons for Breathing Issues: 


Respiratory difficulty could be a result of anything from environmental stresses to heart failure and can have various causes. The way your pet acts may give you some clues, but it’s important to get them checked out by a vet.


How many breaths per minute is normal?


40-50 breaths per minute are normal but can vary between breeds.




If you notice your puppy struggling for breath when exercising or panting constantly, it may be due to brachycephalic syndrome.


This is a group of separate conditions that cause the airways and the lungs in dogs with flat faces to become narrow and weak.

Why Puppy Breathing Fast When Sleeping?

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