The black vulture

What is the black vulture?


In some forms of European folklore and medieval art,


the black vulture or vulture was represented as an extremely evil creature.


In France, vultures were associated with the creation of mists and thunderstorms,


which supposedly occurred when the vultures brought the dead bodies to the surface after burial.


A vulture was also a demon in Celtic tradition.

Where do black vultures live?


black vulture


Black vultures live in Europe and Africa.


They can be found in a wide variety of habitats,


including gardens, forests, deserts, scrubland, dunes, and parks.


According to the Virginia Vultures and Black Vultures Research Project,


black vultures are not usually found on plantations in the southern U.S.


They live near populated areas and appear to avoid populations with human populations.


Black vultures are fairly common in places with dense woodlands,


like England, France, and Germany.

Is black vulture protected in the UK?


black vulture


The black vulture is listed as a protected species in Europe.


They are protected under the European Birds and Wildlife Act of 1990.


However, since they only live in a few areas of the UK,


the black vulture is largely unprotected by the European Birds and Wildlife Act.


If a black vulture was to die in the UK and the carcass was left unprotected,


a vulture racketeer could seize the carcass, sell it to a black vulture hunter, and make a profit.


Black vultures do not seem to be protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981,


but perhaps it is time for them to be considered as a separate species in the UK.


The reason for this is because black vultures are just one of the black vulture species in Europe.


Black vultures are protected from hunting, though they may be targeted during meat hauls,


where the hauler may need the carcass for bait to attract vultures.

Is the black vulture an endangered species in the UK?


black vulture


In the UK, the black vulture is protected by the EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives.


However, there are fears that the black vulture could become extinct in Britain if current declines are not reversed.


The black vulture has also disappeared in southern Europe, which has caused alarm in the UK.


According to a report from the University of Glasgow,


vultures once thrived in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.


The report says, “The early morning grass fires, fire and lightning strikes, high summer temperatures, and high prey


consumption were some of the main factors that caused the decline of black vultures.”


In modern times, many vultures have disappeared due to hunting, poison, and wildfires.


Should you worry about black vulture attacks in the UK?


black vulture


Sadly, vultures in Britain have been attacked and killed by humans.


In 2010, five vultures were killed in the UK,


leaving hundreds of black vultures in Europe alone with little protection.


Black vultures can fly well, but sometimes when they fly in big flocks,


they are mistaken for blackbirds, which are protected by the Birds and Wildlife Act.


Vultures are often shot or poisoned in this way, as people think they are shooting blackbirds.

Can black vultures be controlled for the hunt in the UK?


It is illegal to kill black vultures in England, Wales, and Scotland.


However, if they appear in large flocks, black vulture hunters can try and shoot vultures to limit the damage they


can do to crops. Vultures also commonly fall to trees and have fires started by vulture shooters.


The most popular black vulture Picture


black vulture

black vulture
black vulture Picture


Black vulture weight:

The Black vulture average weight is 1.2 – 1.9 kg


black vulture lifespan:

black vulture lifespan averages 10 years.



The black vulture culture

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