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Turkey vultures are actually enjoying a massive population surge in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey thanks to efforts to protect them and promote their conservation, reports the BBC.


The big birds — which typically feed on animal carcasses, such as those left behind by wild animals


were notoriously unpopular because of their reputation for picking out the carcasses of Muslims and sometimes throwing them into villages.


According to the BBC, Turkey’s government has been promoting vultures since the 1980s.


“Turkey has a modern welfare state,” Vassilis Filippidis, president of the Vulture Research Centre, said.


All vultures are assisted in various ways by this allied state.


But the vultures may need to start bringing their own sacks.


Locals have been feeding the birds in hopes that they will bring down more wild meat for themselves.


Turkey’s vulture crisis – through the eyes of Turkish gynecologist Sari Efendi Kalhiva:


Egypt vultures, pictured by local zoologist Ismail Tolga Eser,


had a population of approximately 10,000 in 1967 and are now down to a few dozen. (Eser)


Turkey vultures (Neophron phoenicopterus), photographed by local zoologist Ismail Tolga Eser, are now down to a handful of adults after their population dropped by more than 95 percent in the past 40 years. (Eser)


An Egyptian vulture (Neophron phoenicopterus), photographed by local zoologist Ismail Tolga Eser, has a population of approximately 2,000.




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turkey vulture

Turkey’s vulture crisis – through the eyes of Turkish gynaec



Turkey vulture wingspan:

They are larger size 6-foot wingspan

Turkey vulture size:

Turkey vultures average size 2 1/2 feet tall

turkey vulture weight:

Average turkey vulture weight 1.5 kg


What do turkey vultures eat?

Dead birds, reptiles, amphibians, like to eat fresh & dead vegetables.



The turkey vulture

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