Why do cats like fish so much

Cats love fish, we all know that. But why do they love it so much? This article will look at the big four reasons: smell, taste, texture, and nutrition.




Fish have a very strong smell, which is probably the main reason cats love them so much. It’s not just any old fish smell either, it is also a unique fishy-ness that cats find irresistible.


Cats have an incredibly powerful sense of smell with around 200 million olfactory cells compared to our measly 5 million.


They smell things we cannot even perceive, and they use this sense for hunting as well as to let them know if their food is fresh or not.


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Cats like the taste of fish because it’s a good source of protein and oil. But, it also has a very strong flavor, which makes it taste nice. Cats need protein in their diet, they are obligate carnivores so they must eat primarily meat.


They also need oil and fat in their diet to keep them healthy, fish is a good source of both these nutrients.




The texture of fish is another reason why cats like it so much. It’s soft and easy to chew sometimes too easy.


Many cats love raw prawns but will not touch an oven-baked version because the ‘snappy’ factor has gone.




Fish is rich in taurine, an amino acid essential for cats and dogs that cannot be synthesized by the body.


Meat contains high levels of sulfur-containing amino acids, which can inhibit the synthesis of taurine. This is why human-grade fish is especially good for them as a source of taurine.


How much fish can a cat eat? 


A small amount of cooked fish can be fed to cats once or twice a week. Cats love the taste and it is good for them too. Do not overfeed your cat with fish, they can become overweight if you do this regularly.


Can cats eat a lot of fish?


Fish is good for cats, they need it in their diet. But they must eat responsibly because some fish types are very high in mercury and can make them sick.


Why do house cats love fish?


Cats like fish because they can smell it, taste it, and feel it. They do not hunt for their food but eat the leftovers of the human family therefore, fish is a good way to encourage cats to eat.


Can fish cause crystals cats? 


Fish does not cause crystals in cats. If your cat is prone to crystals, you should feed them a low-protein diet and ensure they do not drink too much water.


Do cats eat fish from ponds?


Yes, cats are known to hunt water-based animals such as fish. Some cats even eat live fish, which can be very dangerous.




Cats love to fish because it smells strong and tastes nice, has a soft texture, and contains essential nutrients such as taurine.


The strong-smelling fish is also a good way to disguise medicines, so if your cat doesn’t like taking their pills you can hide them in the middle of a plate of tuna.




Why are cats obsessed with fish?


Cats love to fish because it smells strong, tastes nice, has a soft texture, and contains taurine.


Why do cats like tuna fish so much?


Cats like tuna fish because it looks nice and tastes good.


What kind of fish do cats love?


Cats love all kinds of fish, but tuna tends to be preferred.


Why do cats love salmon?


Cats love salmon because it is good for them and they can smell it.

Why do cats like fish so much? [04 Reasons]

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