Why do dogs bring their food to the carpet

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Some dogs pull the food out of the bowl before they can eat it. If you eat the kibble you eat daily, this could be a part of the reason.


Why do dogs bring their food to the carpet?


There are many reasons why a dog brings its food to the carpet. The first thing you should know is that there could be something off with their digestion. They might not feel well and they need to bring the kibble back and forth until they can swallow it.


If the problem doesn’t come from their digestion and if your dog doesn’t seem to be sick, then the problem comes from the way they perceive themselves in their social environment with you.


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09 Reasons Your dogs bring their food to the carpet?


(1)  Digestion problems: if your dog is having digestion problems this could be some of the reasons that they drop food that you just fed them.


This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the vet because there are many reasons it could be happening, from parasites to complex health problems.


(2)  Behavioral problems: if your dog shows behavioral issues during feeding time, don’t ignore them. Especially if they start bringing their food away from the bowl.


The first thing you should do is check if your dog is eating the food. If they are, then I suggest taking a look at what’s going on around them during feeding time.


(3)  Hungry: yep, dogs can be hungry too. It may sound silly but some dogs start tearing up their meals as soon as you brought the bowl to the kitchen. And when they are done eating, they start looking for more food.


(4)  Obsessed with food: This is one of the most difficult problems to solve because if your dog is obsessed with its meals it means that there is something seriously wrong going on at home or outside of it.


If you suspect this could be the case, you should look inside your home and take a long hard look at it.


(5)  The root of the behavior: If the dog is getting the food out of their bowl when you feed them and bringing it to another place to eat it, then there might be a problem with their digestion.


This happens because they don’t feel well and they need to bring the kibble back and forth until they can finally swallow it. If that is not the case then you should look into your dog’s behavior and see what is happening during feeding time.


(6)  Other solutions and considerations: If your dog only tears up the food and doesn’t bring it to other places, then you should go to a vet and find out if there is something else going on with them besides just digestion issues.


Some dogs may get nervous when they eat in front of you or get uncomfortable because somebody is watching them. If this happens, take them outside and feed them for a little while until they feel better.


If your dog is doing this because somebody in the house is sad or has a negative attitude towards them then you should look into that person’s feelings more deeply. Dogs are very sensitive to changes in their social environment and it reflects in how they behave.


(7)  Your dog doesn’t like metal bowls: Some dogs don’t like metal bowls because they are heavy and noisy.


If your dog doesn’t want to eat in front of you, then it could be that they are afraid that the owner will scold them or take their food away.


To avoid this behavior you should feed them outside for a little while before coming back into the house.


You could also choose not to feed them or give them treats outside of the cage if they bring their food out because that will only make the problem worse over time.


(8)  Your dog doesn’t want to eat alone: If you have multiple dogs you should feed them together.


You can also try to put your dog’s food in a different area and see if they don’t want to go there to eat. If this doesn’t work, then the problem comes from their social environment and you need to solve it.


Try feeding them in a different area, but always make sure they are comfortable while eating.


(9)  Your dog wants to protect or hide the food: Some dogs start bringing their food to the carpets when they feel like somebody in the house is sad or if somebody in that place has a negative attitude towards them.


This is more common in multi-dog households, where some dogs will protect others and make sure nobody gets their food. The dog may also do it for no reason whatsoever.


Encourage behavior:


01. If you notice that your dog is bringing their food to different places, take them outside and play with them for a little while.


When you go back in, make sure to feed them. This should make them understand that food and good feelings always come after playtime outside the house and before going back in for a rest.


02. Make feeding time at least 30 minutes of cuddles and love no matter if they eat it or not.


Don’t give them any attention during the rest of the day and give them treats when they do good things.


03. Never try to stop your dog from bringing its food to another place by pushing or pulling them away, especially if they’re already chewing on it.


If you push them away too hard, they might get scared and never eat in front of you again. If you keep your dog healthy, they will be happy with the food and their digestion will improve.


How to stop your dog from carrying food?


If your dog is bringing food to the carpet as a way of getting more attention from you, then stop rewarding them with extra cuddles or pets. Ignore them until they are finished eating and then give them some affection if that’s what they want.


Why does my dog rip apart their food and eat it in parts?


Some dogs like to rip apart their food and eat it in parts. This is a challenging habit because the moment you notice that they are doing this, you stop feeding them.


If your dog does this, don’t do anything drastic just yet. Give them some time to get used to eating their meals without tearing up the kibble or tearing apart their food into tiny pieces.


If your dog is tearing up their food, take them to the vet and find out what’s going on with them because this could be a sign of other health problems besides just digestion issues.


Why do dogs put food on carpets?


If your dog is putting food on the carpet it probably means that they are trying to attract you their guardian to have a little more attention during feeding time. This comes as a result of not having enough free time or some playtime outside of what your schedule allows.


Is it true dogs put food on carpets?


Yes, dogs can put food on carpets and this is more common than you think. Some people think that their dog does this as a way of getting attention, but in most cases, it just means that they don’t have enough free time or do not get enough playtime outside of feeding and grooming schedules.




There are many reasons why a dog brings their food to the carpet. We describe all tips so we think you will get your answer.

Why do dogs bring their food to the carpet? [09 Reasons]

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