Why Does My Dog Only Eat At Night

Many animal lovers face this problem Why Does My Dog Only Eat At Night it is a bad habit or any other problem let’s discuss it.


Your dog may be only eating at night because he isn’t being fed during the day. He will always try to eat as much as he possibly can when food is present.


Is it Bad to Feed a Dog Late at Night?


It’s recommended to feed your dog by its natural eating patterns. If he is a breed that naturally eats twice a day, it would be best to feed him twice a day rather than free-feed feeding your dog whenever he wants throughout the day or try to feed him once in the middle of the night.


02 Reasons why dogs will only eat at night:


01.  Late dinners take away from the time they would spend sleeping or resting, exhausting them before an active day full of playing and exercise.


02.  The food isn’t as fresh for your dog to eat after it’s been sitting out all day uneaten.


If your dog is a picky eater, you might have to feed him at night. If the dog seems healthy and full of life it is possible to train him out of this habit.


What should I do if my Dog Only Eats at Night?


If your dog only eats when you’re around, there’s a good chance he’s anxious about eating in front of you. Try feeding him in a separate room away from people and other pets to see if that helps.


If it doesn’t, try getting a friend or family member to come over and feed him a meal without you around.


Your dog will need toilet breaks at the night:


If you find your dog is getting up to go outside at night, take him out and see if he’s going toilet.


If he isn’t, go back inside. Even though it might be cold, seeing as your dog has been sleeping all day it will need a short amount of exercise before bedtime to prevent constipation that can develop into painful anal gland problems.


If your dog gets more exercise during the day, don’t feed him as much at night. Restrict his food between 8 am and 8 pm roughly to prevent him from eating too much in the evening.


Make sure he’s hungry when you put his bowl down. If this doesn’t work, try adding a spoonful of baby food to his meal or plate. This will make him lick the bowl, keeping it cleaner for longer and not giving bacteria a chance to develop.


How can I get my Dog to Eat in the Daytime?


If your dog is only eating in the middle of the night, he will be extremely hungry by morning. Many dogs won’t eat anything when they are this hungry so it’s important to get them interested.


How late can my dog eat at night?


As long as your dog is healthy, it should be fine for him to eat up until midnight. You should monitor his general behavior and make sure he’s not becoming lethargic.


If you know your dog has access to food throughout the day i.e. you free-feed there’s no need for concern. If you are worried, do not feed your dog in the last few hours before bedtime.


Is it ok for dogs to sleep after eating?


Yes, if your dog is allowed to eat as much as he wants throughout the day, then there’s no harm in allowing him a whole night of sleep after his dinner.


Why does my dog eat his poop?


Dogs eat their poop for some reason. Sometimes they don’t get all the nutrients they need from their food so they will try to find them elsewhere including in their poop.


It could be that something is wrong with their food. A good quality diet should not make a dog eat its poop.


Another reason is that they may have been punished for going to the toilet in the house so they are now trying to hide it from you by eating it.


Why does my dog not want to eat in the morning?


It may be that your dog is just not hungry in the morning. Try feeding him earlier or adding some baby food to his meal. If this doesn’t work, you can give your dog a small snack as soon as you wake up such as some cereal or bread.


Should I leave food out for my dog at night?


Yes, it is fine for your dog to eat throughout the night. You should just monitor how much he eats and his general behavior. If you are worried about him, you should take him for a check-up with your vet.


Why does my dog only eat her food sometimes?


Dogs are programmed to eat at certain times during the day. When these times are disrupted it can lead to your dog only eating his food sometimes.


Why My dog eats grass sometimes?


Dogs eat grass for many reasons. It could be that they are feeling sick and need to vomit, have an upset stomach, are missing certain nutrients in their diet, or trying to ‘soothe’ their stomach.


Grass also has a slight laxative effect which is why some dogs eat it when they need to go to the toilet.




If your dog is only eating at night, likely, he isn’t being fed during the day. Dogs are programmed to eat in daylight hours so if there’s no food available during these time slots they will make up for it when you next feed them.


If your dog doesn’t want to eat in the morning, you can give him a small meal 1/8 of his daily amount as soon as you wake up. If he only eats once a day there’s probably something wrong.


It could be that he isn’t feeling well or his food just doesn’t agree with him/isn’t nutritionally balanced enough.



My dog wants to eat in the middle of the night:


This is likely because you are not taking him out as much as he should be. Try to take him out before 8 pm and after 8 am.


Is it OK if my dog only eats once a day?


No, if your dog is only eating once a day there’s probably something wrong.

Why Does My Dog Only Eat At Night?

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